Dalal Jàmm — or “welcome in peace” — provides migrants returning to Senegal with a temporary home base when they first arrive and numerous services to help them reintegrate into society smoothly and successfully.

Centered around a multifunctional space in Dakar, the Dalal Jàmm project offers multifaceted support for returning Senegalese migrants. Recognizing that they often have no place to go when they land and no support or financial means, Sama Chance designed Dalal Jam to provide returnees with a secure living space and access to various personal-development programs, such as job training and networking opportunities, and other important types of assistance during their first two weeks back in Senegal.

Support to participating migrants begins before their return from abroad. Sama Chance volunteers in Germany help guide participants through the return process, often in collaboration with affiliated NGOs. Once in Dakar, returnees are greeted by a Sama Chance team member and taken to the Dalal Jam residence.

In addition to room and board, migrants also have computer and internet access for job-seeking and reconnecting with family and friends, access to medical and psychological support, assistance in reconnecting with families and the community. Professional advice and other resources are also available during returnees’ Dalal Jam residency. A Sama Chance staff member is present at the Dalal Jàmm residence at all times, and volunteer mentors and other friends of the program are regularly on site.

The Dalal Jàmm residence can house up to 15 returnees at time. With the guidance and resources provided by Dalal Jam, returning Senegalese are better prepared to readapt to life in Senegal so they can begin to plan new and fulfilling lives.

The project is funded by the Bavarian State Office for Asylum and Return.